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I am the unconventional, passionate and determined legal advocate you want on your side! 

When the homebuilder Pulte Homes refused to replace the recalled solar roof tiles that posed a fire danger for 250 California homeowners I took action!

In 2013 prior to becoming an attorney, my neighbor’s roof top lit up in flames and like my neighbor, my solar roof tiles had been recalled for fire danger.

In turn, I reached out to dozens of lawyers who specialized in consumer protection and all were eager to pursue a class action in regards to the matter – but a class action lawsuit potentially could lead to none of the homeowners like me getting a new solar system or even compensation to commensurate for our loss- so I found another way to resolve the problem and without litigation!

A lawsuit may not always be the best solution!

I filed a formal complaint with the California Contractors State License Board, blogged about the matter and contacted area news stations – and these efforts led to 250 California homeowners solar roof systems being replaced and at NO cost to the consumer – a savings of approximately $2.5 million dollars!

Litigation may not always be the best solution! This is why you need an unconventional, trustworthy and experienced legal advocate on your side in the field of consumer advocacy!

Let my experience be your advantage!

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