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When you need an unconventional, passionate and determined legal advocate on your side contact the Law Office of Alexis Moore.

My office is open 7 days a week because I understand that like time crisis stops for no one.

My practice is diverse and unconventional because I understand that legal issues don’t fit neatly into a “box”.

A family law case may often involve real estate and even cybersecurity issues, and if you are injured your employment or credit could be impacted. These are just a few examples for why I have chosen a general litigation practice.

I sat idle long enough with lawyer after lawyer by my side and by the side of other victims, and consumers’ over the years with my work with Survivors In Action to understand that the lawyers were not legal advocates. They were lawyers.

Lawyers are those who get a law license and practice law for money. It is their job – their 8 to 5.

A legal advocate is different. We pursue the law from the perspective that we are problem solvers.

We want our clients to have a voice and to have the strongest advocate by their side possible. We don’t want them to be silenced by a situation.

Instead, we want their voices heard – we are the voice for those without one.

We don’t allow politics or legal-ease to get in the way of the fact that there is a wrong that has been committed that should be made right.  We explain that we cannot guarantee the outcome of any case or situation, but we understand and are here to be the best advocate we can be so that the client has a voice.

I want to provide my clients with “Moore Justice”, and be that trustworthy, passionate and determined legal advocate that I sought and never found.

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