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Getting Cyberstalking “Noticed”

Marketing, Online Reputation and Web Design go hand in hand with me becoming the foremost cyberstalking expert in the world.  Out of necessity, I was forced to build my first website back in 2007 because I couldn’t find anyone who could execute what I wanted and my fiscal resources were being drained by all of the failed attempts I had trying to “find” that right web and marketing person.

My goal was to get cyberstalking noticed and on the map globally, so I began to hone my marketing skills way back then. I could not afford an expensive PR firm and I wasn’t a “celebrity” so there was no way I was going to get the word out without a website and strong online presence – to my surprise my efforts worked!

Thanks to my web design and marketing skills, my definition of cyberstalking and my work surrounding the topic began quickly showing up and being cited in law journals, law enforcement training manuals, magazines, newspapers and in victim resource guides around the world and the media was seeking me as an expert!

Marketing Consultant & Web Design

My skills providing direct support to victims of cyberabuse that are experiencing online reputation management issues as a Risk Management Consultant Worldwide led me to be a sought-after marketing consultant and web designer – because I understand that the entrepreneur, individual or business has the obligation and often times the burden of telling your story well and online in the cyber-era or suffer the consequences of losing business or worse – be bankrupt quickly.

Online Reputation Management & Cyberstalking

A method for a cyberstalker to “get you” is by humiliating you and damaging your reputation through the use online business rating sites.

The expansion of online business rating sites such as Yelp, Google+, BBB and even the residential neighborhood social site that is growing ever so popular “Nextdoor” are all safe havens for cyberpredators and may have devastating consequences if not managed effectively by a Risk Management Consultant like me.

Businesses and entrepreneurs must control and manage their online reputation – That is what I do!

Anyone, at any time, can publish online reviews for example and do so anonymously even. The financial loss for victims of cyberabuse that are business owners and entrepreneurs is a growing problem and will far too often be a dire situation because the economic attacks perpetrated by cyberstalkers often never goes away.

The business owner has to wait until there is an online “upswing” and work very hard to restore their online reputation. That can take years as well as literally thousands of hours and worse yet, cost vast amounts of money if hiring so-called “online reputation management services.”

Cyberpredators know this, they are relying on the ignorance of society and the ever-growing use of these rating sites to be the “norm” so that they can continue to attack and do so without any recourse.