Litigation is not always the best solution!

Save time, save precious fiscal resources and come to a confidential resolution with no risk by utilizing Mediation Services provided by Attorney Alexis Moore.

  • Contract Disputes
  • Construction Contracts
  • Employment Matters
  • Family Law
  • Divorce
  • Estate Probate Matters
  • Debt Negotiations

Mediation is a tool

Mediation does not mean that a person forfeit their right to legal representation the parties may still seek representation by a licensed attorney during, before and after mediation. Mediation is simply a tool to help resolve conflicts without the high costs of litigation.

Mediation Offers a More Private Option

Privacy is of the upmost importance to many and with any law suit they become a matter of public record. Mediation offers a more private method to resolve conflicts outside of the traditional litigation process. The parties may elect to resolve their dispute utilizing mediation for privacy reasons.

Mediation results are non-binding

Mediation results are non-binding. The mediator guides the parties in discussions about the issues. Each party still has a right to seek counsel before signing the agreement, and many courts require the parties to try mediation before a final hearing as courts today are backlogged and burdened with heavy caseloads. The parties can go through mediation and if they don’t like the result they may opt for litigation.

Mediation is much less costly than formal litigation

The cost of mediation varies, but litigation can be upward of ten times as costly. Mediation is unquestionably much less costly than litigation.

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