This book is written to help you protect yourself from cyberabuse and stalking and to empower you to fight back. It is vital to regaining control over your life in case you and a cyberpredator or stalker ever cross paths. Many victims find little or no help from any law enforcement agency or victim service providers, even though there are stalking and cyberabuse laws. Regulations fail to evolve quickly enough to address the creativity and spontaneity of today’s predators.

Alexis Moore is the foremost authority in the world on cyberstalking and the abuse can take many forms. In this book she shares her creative tactics overcoming stalking and cyberstalking for those enduring similar situations, and how to utilize tools that are available to help readers defend themselves.


This is the Events Time Line journal that victims need to use as their journal to keep their events recorded. I refer to it in my book and wanted it on my web site for easy reference for users as a guide.

A Parent’s Guide to Cyberstalking and Cyberbullying

May this book be a parent’s survival guide to engaging with your children and grandchildren to help ensure that they all find refuge and security from their family members and caregivers when and if a cyberstalker or cyberbully and your child cross paths.