DV Reform Efforts

Domestic violence advocates have long realized that when resources for the victim are limited, they are often forced to stay in the abusive relationship. Without access to critical services, more and more victims are finding it necessary to ‘self-advocate’. While this may work for some, other victims that may be up against an aggressive perpetrator require outside assistance from advocates that are trained to handle high-risk domestic violence and stalking cases. The most critical point in the victimization cycle is when a victim reaches out for help. Without proper access to services, victims are often unable to escape or survive the cycle of violence.

For Attorney Author Advocate Alexis Moore, she had no choice but to pursue “Moore” than becoming a statistic and to fall victim to Stalking Homicide!

She chose to #BeSilentNoMoore and share her story of being abandoned by the system with the goal of bringing about positive social-change to ensure “No Victim is Left Behind” as she was, and to do her part to help others prevent Stalking and Domestic Violence Homicide.


For Attorney Alexis Moore DV Reform Efforts are rooted in painful experiences overcoming Domestic Violence, Stalking and Cyberstalking.

In November of 2004, she reached out for help battered to her county-funded domestic violence agency The El Dorado Women’s Center today known as Center for Violence Free Relationships. She was turned away and told to –“return home” with the excuse that the batterer occupation as an investigator prevented them from providing her with shelter.

Malfeasance by DV Agencies, Public Safety, and the Judicial System

After being denied shelter from her local DV agency, she hid her car at the local bus depot covering it with branches that had fallen during a recent storm with a note inside her car that read; “I am a Domestic Violence Victim please do not tow my car”.

76% of women stalked by a former intimate partner are murdered –I am the 24%!

Disturbingly, Alexis was reported missing by the predator and was being hunted like prey by a vicious batterer now a relentless stalker who more than likely was going to kill her. The statistics were not in her favor.

According to the National Center for Victims of Crime (NCVC) 76% of women stalked by a former intimate partner are murdered. Her surviving and being a member of the 24% – a miracle.

Pleas to law enforcement

The manhunt engaged by the predator was severe – to this day many don’t even know how Alexis Moore survived.

There were nearly 100 incident reports of stalking and cyberstalking reported to the El Dorado County Sheriff that either failed to be investigated or were ignored altogether.

Alexis Moore will never forget begging at one point two sheriff’s deputies to enforce her permanent DV Restraining Order. Providing her cell phone records indicating the predators repeated telephone calls in direct violation of the order.

Alexis Moore lived in fear for nearly 2 years- sleeping wearing a track suit and running shoes to be prepared to fight back and run.

The predator was utilizing technology to stalk her and engaging private investigators and others to track her whereabouts – this conduct was going to lead to Alexis Moore’s homicide – unless she found a solution.

Reporting countless incidents of stalking and cyberabuse to law enforcement was no help.

In fact, at one point Alexis Moore was told by a sheriff deputy- “Not to Report Again” – and at the same time she was told-  “she was crazy” because cyberstalking had never been heard of.

However, Alexis Moore refused to have victim be her epitaph.

No “hiding” in the cyber-era

Data brokers and the Datafurnishing industry: All records including utilities, phone, rental applications, employment, credit are available to predators today- online and hence why so many stalking victims in this high-risk category like Alexis tend not to overcome and beat the insurmountable odds and tragically fall victim to Stalking Homicide. There is nowhere to hide in the cyber-age.

Worse yet, there are few if any advocates employed in the US at any agency trained to provide direct support to victims of stalking and cyberstalking. This must change!

Alexis Moore beat the odds

Alexis Moore managed to overcome and beat the odds on her own and without the support of any agency or public safety. She is aware of how fortunate she is and that is why she pursues DV REFORM efforts.

DV Run Around

The National and State Government Funded Domestic Violence Agencies:

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV), DV Hotlines, National Stalking Resource Center (NSRC), the National Crime Victim Bar, the *California State Partnership to End Domestic Violence (CPEDV) – the list goes on and on literally every government-funded crime victim agency is nothing more than a referral source or what is described as a “training agency”- yet they receive millions in funding from the US government and private entities without being held accountable to provide direct support to victims’.

*Every State has a Government funded DV “Partnership” or “Coalition”

Alexis reached out to help to all of these agencies and others only to be referred back to the same exact place she began her journey- The El Dorado County Women’s Center in El Dorado County, CA. The same agency that could not help her to begin with.This is typical. Yet nothing is being done to change this.

Government-funded DV agencies refer victims repeatedly and no direct support exists. This is a fact. If you don’t believe it – contact any of these agencies and read their materials – its clearly stated “Training Agency” or that they do not provide direct support to DV or Stalking victims.

  • Why does government funding continue?
  • Why is it not required that these agencies provide direct support to victims?

DV Agencies ill-equipped to handle Cyberstalkers or Stalkers

Alexis relentless stalker located the domestic violence shelter, (ironically the same DV Shelter Alexis was turned away from). The DV shelter and agency was so ill-equipped for a stalker that it was located by a batterer and evacuated even – and worse yet even this conduct was not sufficient to make an arrest or conduct any meaningful investigation.

This is typical throughout the US.

DV Shelters, DV Advocates, social workers, family law attorneys, the courts, and those employed in public safety are not trained nor educated regarding cyberstalking and the abilities of predators to use technology to stalk.

Alexis Moore’s passion and pursuit of DV REFORM

No victim should be left behind.

These terrifying experiences coupled with the malfeasance by the agencies funded to serve and protect victims of Domestic Violence, Stalking and Cyberstalking are what led Alexis Moore to become an Attorney and to help others be “Moore Secure” as a Risk Management Consultant.

Foremost Cyberstalking and Stalking Expert

Today, Alexis Moore is the foremost Cyberstalking and Stalking expert in the world.

Alexis Moore developed her own strategies and tactics for overcoming stalking and cyberstalking. She refused to be labeled victim!

Alexis Moore refused to allow a vicious predator and malfeasance by government agencies and public safety prevent her from getting her life back and vowed to help others do the same!

Attorneys quit on her and the judicial system was ill-prepared nor equipped to deal with a relentless cyberstalker – it was up to her alone to save herself and she made the promise to help others if she overcame.

“Moore Justice” & “Moore Secure”


Prior to becoming an attorney, she founded the all-volunteer nonprofit crime victim organization; Survivors In Action in 2007.

In 2013 she published her first book on the subject of cyberabuse called; Cyber Self-Defense which served as a training tool for law enforcement and others throughout the world and is in the FBI Academic library- amongst others.

Her definition of cyberstalking is cited worldwide in legislation, law enforcement training manuals, legal journals, and victim advocacy guides.

Alexis Moore earned 2 (two) undergraduate degrees, her Juris Doctor and passed the California bar exam on her first try in July of 2016 – with a 1st-time pass rate for ABA graduates of 43% and for online students like her, a meager 9% – she continued to beat the odds.

In 2017 she published her latest book; Surviving a Cyberstalker: How to Prevent and Survive Cyberabuse and Stalking – available on Amazon.

Surviving a Cyberstalker she hopes will be in the hands of every victim, every member of law enforcement, all of the victim advocates, social workers, judges, family law attorneys and others- as it serves as the foremost training tool on the subjects of stalking and cyberabuse today.

There is no excuse for victims of cyberabuse, domestic violence and stalking to endure the hell that she did or worse yet – continue to lose their lives.

There are solutions and Alexis Moore has them!

Alexis Moore’s mission is clear

Alexis Moore’s mission is to help reform Domestic Violence and Stalking Victim Resources.

The victim resources malfeasance is directly resulting in the deaths of innocent victims, their family members and law enforcement – year after year.

Yet there is a solution!

Solution: STOP funding agencies that DO NOT PROVIDE DIRECT SUPPORT TO VICTIMS!

The only reason failing domestic violence victim resources are not a topic of mainstream media headlines and not a trending discussion on social media as pronounced as others like- #MeToo, is the mere fact that the  majority of DV and stalking victims are not alive to share their stories – homicide victims cannot speak from the dead, and the 24% of stalking survivors – like Alexis Moore that are alive are literally on the run from violent predators and living in fear – unable to speak out.

DV Homicide and Stalking Homicides continue and it has everything to do with the failing victim resources and the lack of education and training by experienced advocates like Attorney and Risk Management Consultant Alexis Moore.

It’s time for DV Agencies that are funded to have oversight and to be required to provide direct support to victims or go without funding. It’s truly that simple of a solution.

Alexis Moore is one of the lucky 24%, but sadly the majority of victims do not make it. They are not here to share their stories and advocate for change- like she is.

Time for DV Reform is now!



Alexis Moore and thousands of volunteers across the nation encouraged others to “Be Silent No Moore” and ultimately gathered over 10K signatures in less than 3 months back in 2010 in support of what today is known as DV Reform – Domestic Violence and Stalking Victim Resource Reform. 

Today Alexis Moore Attorney Author Advocate continues to encourage victims to speak out and #BeSilentNoMoore to prevent Stalking and Domestic Violence homicide!

No one should have to live or work in fear! 

US Officials Fail to Take Action!

Under the Obama Administration in 2009, Alexis Moore spoke with then appointed White House Advisor for Violence Against Women; Sarah Lynn Rosenthal. Alexis shared her story… and in turn, Rosenthal said she would require evidence in order to “look into the matter….”.

This conversation and request for “evidence”in 2009, is what led to the DV Reform Petition being commenced and to literally thousands of DV victims and the families of loved ones lost to DV and Stalking Homicide to contact Rosenthal at the White House- which ironically the telephone and email address for Ms. Rosenthal was later disconnected.

Sadly, the White House took no action other than to visit Survivors In Action website and read the blog posts there pertaining to DV Reform as evidenced by the data collected by the site’s web counter.

No DV Reform efforts commenced.

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Formal Request to Congressional Oversight Committee

After no response or action taken by the White House, Alexis Moore and Survivors In Action volunteers continued to pursue DV Reform efforts.

A formal request was submitted to Congressman Darryl Issa- then the chair of the Oversight Committee in Congress.

A formal request for an investigation of funding for Domestic Violence and Crime Victim Agencies was made and received – a copy of the request is here. Yet there was no response other than Congress visiting Survivors In Action website and reading blog posts.

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Government funding of these agencies without oversight and accountability continues.

Note: Any 3rd party interested in reviewing the funding may do so online it is public record. The IRS 990 Tax Returns for all of these agencies is available via the website guidestar.


  • Government-funded crime victim agencies are NOT required to provide direct support to victims yet they continue to receive funding and to exist – in perpetuity. This must stop.
  • Training and education of victim advocates employed to serve DV victims must include cyberstalking education and it must be ongoing – as technology rapidly advances as does the maneuvers of today’s predators.


Join Alexis Moore and other volunteers pursuing DV Reform Efforts! One person can make a difference!

Together we can bring about positive social-change and end DV and Stalking Homicide and help ensure “no victim is left behind”.

From Alexis Moore:

I lost precious time that I will never get back from being forced to self-advocate my way to being “Moore Secure”. My mission and my goal is to save lives and to help others prevent stalking and domestic violence homicide – as I did.

We must #BeSilentNoMoore and continue to share our stories in order to bring about positive social change!

Thank you to the many in law enforcement, the judicial systems and advocacy positions around the globe for reaching out to me the past 13 years seeking training and consultation.

I am only one person and cannot provide direct support to everyone. My books serve as a tool and I am available for trainings and consultations worldwide –together we will save lives!

My goals for the upcoming year:

Education & Training

Every Domestic Violence Advocate in the US today must be trained and educated in regards to cyberstalking and privacy protection by a Risk Management Consultant – like me. My book Surviving a Cyberstalker provides step by step instructions and should be in the hands of every VSP (Victim Service Provider) in the US.

Stop Blind Referrals

Implement STOP VERIFY REFER PROTOCOLS: Prior to a referral being given to a domestic violence victim to a DV Victim Service Provider including hotlines, social workers, or shelters there must be a vetting process – a procedure to ensure the victim will find help there as the majority do not. This “blind” referral process is resulting in DV and Stalking Homicides – it must end.

Law Enforcement Training

Law Enforcement and all who work in public safety must be educated in regards to the DV Resources of today- specifically the fact that the majority of DV agencies are NOT equipped to provide direct support to victims of stalking and cyberstalking. LE actions and training equates to life or death for victims and also for those in public safety responding to DV and Stalking calls for service. LE and our first responders deserve to be and must be adequately educated, informed and trained.